fracture treatment

Presented here is a case of 35 yr old male patient, who had met with an accident while riding a scooter. He was diagnosed as having multiple fractures in his left leg (segmental fracture tibia with 4 fragments and fracture fibula). The overlying skin was blistered with swelling of the whole leg. The leg was maintained in a slab plaster for one week to allow the fracture to be immobilized and let the tissues heal with decrease in swelling. At end of one week, we had a relatively less swollen leg and healed blisters. The patient was taken to Operation Theater wherein fracture tibia was fixed with an interlocking nail which spanned the entire length of the bone. It stabilized the distal two fractures adequately. However the most proximal fracture was getting angulated anteriorly due to pull of patellar tendon. So as has been described in various journals. The most proximal fracture was opened and fixed with a unicortical plate to control angulation at fracture site. All the fractures progressed to union with slight delay but without need for any supplementary procedure.