Oral Health In Kids: Milk Intake Has A Role To Play

Oral health is important for overall health and quality of life. Your children’s oral health affects their physical, mental and emotional well-being. The consequences of poor oral health go beyond tooth decay and gum disease. It might cause fatal infections. 

In India, cavities are one of the most common chronic diseases affecting children. Untreated cavities may result in pain and infections that make it difficult to eat, play, speak and learn. Children with poor dental health skip more school and score lower than their peers. So, you should always begin caring for your child’s mouth and teeth at a young age even before they get their first tooth. 

In this blog, I am going to discuss all the major problems children get from poor oral health so that you will get an idea of how poor oral health can affect your children.

Major issues in children with poor oral health

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the most common outcome of poor oral health. The condition is caused by the accumulation of plaque in the mouth. Too much plaque often causes a hole in the enamel, which is known as tooth decay or a cavity. Poor nutrition and sugary foods are the main contributors to this condition. 

Poor oral hygiene can also result in tooth decay. Children are more likely to get dental decay because they generally don’t care about hygiene. This oral condition can harm your child’s health and create pain and suffering.

Usually, school age children get this condition and find it challenging to focus in class. Their general academic performance will consequently suffer as they have to probably miss a few school days owing to dental appointments. In order to prevent tooth decay, make sure your child follows the finest oral hygiene routines and consumes a balanced diet.

Gum disease

Gum problems can also be brought on by poor oral health. Gum diseases usually cause bleeding and swelling of the gums. They make it difficult for kids to chew and brush their teeth.

Speaking Difficulties

Bad oral health can also cause speech problems. Particularly, some orthodontic issues have a major impact on speech. For instance, overbite or underbite can affect a child’s ability to pronounce certain words. Due to this, your child may start withdrawing from social groups at school and at home. It is undoubtedly going to affect their academic performance and self-confidence. It might be preferable to opt for professional orthodontic treatment.

Digestive issues

If your child has bad oral health, they can have trouble chewing and swallowing. For instance, if your child has a painful dental issue or an orthodontic problem. They could find it challenging to eat. Their digestive system will suffer if they don’t chew properly. As a result, kids may feel queasy in their stomachs and have trouble eating. It may also cause severe symptoms like vomiting and gastric issues.

Heart condition

Children who have poor oral health have a high risk of contracting heart disease. If your child has an excessive amount of oral bacteria, it may enter the bloodstream. The arteries can be reached by these bacteria. As a result, it can produce plaque in the arteries, which can cause serious cardiac problems. In fact, this makes having a heart attack more likely. Yes, gum disease may lead to a deadly illness. To avoid plaque buildup, it is crucial to make sure your child follows all recommended oral hygiene procedures.

Respiratory conditions

A child’s respiratory health is usually affected by his or her oral health. As previously mentioned, too much bacteria in the mouth might spread to other parts of the body. Bacteria can enter the lungs and cause a build-up of plaque which hardened lungs and cause respiratory infections.


Dementia may develop if your child has multiple untreated oral health issues. Swollen gums frequently emit a specific substance that has an impact on the brain. In reality, this chemical has the ability to kill brain cells. This can then result in memory loss. Even worse, it might result in Alzheimer’s illness.

The health and well-being of your child are greatly influenced by healthy nutrition and regular exercise. Dairy products are naturally nutrient-rich and contain ten vital elements that are great for the health of your child.

Milk helps build strong teeth and promotes oral health

Many studies have shown that children who drink milk have a lower incidence of dental caries than those who do not.

According to some studies, milk consumption is anti-cariogenic, or to put it simply, it helps to prevent tooth decay. The proteins in milk create a layer of defence on the tooth enamel, preventing bacterial acids from causing tooth decay.

Milk also contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus. When the teeth are damaged by bacterial acids, these minerals help strengthen and repair them. Drinking one cup of milk a day provides about 300 mg of calcium. So, make sure to give your children milk every day to maintain their oral health.

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